2013 Keeping Abreast Committee

Whether you have questions or just want to keep in touch, the Keeping Abreast Committee is always here for you. 


Jackie Stephen, Chair                        jstephen1@shaw.ca

Tina Jones                                        tina@banvilleandjones.com

Pat Wedlake                                     pwedlake@mymts.net

Darla Raddysh                                  darlaraddysh@mymts.net

Becky Parkes                                   becky@parkesrealestate.mb.ca

Cheryl Mazur                                    cmazur@20vic.com

Tracey Moskal                                  tmoskal@mymts.net

Kenny Boyce                                    KBoyce@winnipeg.ca

Kelly Boles                                       bolesdk@mts.net

Karen Sagness                                 ornursekaren2@hotmail.com

Judy Friesen                                     jafriesen1@shaw.ca

Tracy Leckie                                     stleckie@mymts.net

Lisa Valiquette                                  rval1111@shaw.ca











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Check out the video at winnipegwomen.net of Dr. Ed Buchel in the Operating Room demonstrating some of the surgical and patient monitoring equipment purchased by Keeping Abreast.

Thank you Glenn Tinley and Winnipeg Women Magazine!

River Park Flooring will be presenting their annual Breast Ever Flooring Sale on Saturday, September 28th, with proceeds going to Keeping Abreast!

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