My breast cancer journey began in January of 2007 with a diagnosis of DCIS, or Ductal Carcinoma in situ.  I had a lumpectomy but the pathology indicated that further treatment was required which led to a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. 
On March 16, 2007, Dr. Ethel MacIntosh performed a mastectomy of my left breast at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It was followed by immediate reconstruction by Dr. Ed Buchel, using the DIEP procedure which harvested skin, fat and blood vessels from my abdomen to construct a new breast. I returned to work 7 weeks after my surgery, with no complications, both breasts and looking almost the same as I always had. 
The impact of that for me, surviving the breast cancer ordeal and still able to look and feel like myself was a gift I will always treasure.   It allowed and still allows me to get past the bad stuff and sometimes even forget I had cancer.  I know and appreciate that I am one of the lucky ones and am very grateful to everyone who helped and continues to support me.  
Keeping Abreast is a testament that positive results can come from having cancer.  Without experiencing it, I would not have been driven to champion this cause so that together we are able to enhance the lives of many women with breast cancer! xoxo


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Check out the video at winnipegwomen.net of Dr. Ed Buchel in the Operating Room demonstrating some of the surgical and patient monitoring equipment purchased by Keeping Abreast.

Thank you Glenn Tinley and Winnipeg Women Magazine!

River Park Flooring will be presenting their annual Breast Ever Flooring Sale on Saturday, September 28th, with proceeds going to Keeping Abreast!

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