On my 47th birthday I noticed that I had a few droplets of blood coming from one of my breasts and thought I better get to the doctor. Well after a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My life was forever changed. I underwent a mastectomy, chemo and radiation. It was a journey that took me emotionally to some dark places. I truly considered myself as having earning the title "survivor". That was 5 years ago and today I am strong, healthy and happy. Strangely this horrible disease has made me a better person.

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Check out the video at of Dr. Ed Buchel in the Operating Room demonstrating some of the surgical and patient monitoring equipment purchased by Keeping Abreast.

Thank you Glenn Tinley and Winnipeg Women Magazine!

River Park Flooring will be presenting their annual Breast Ever Flooring Sale on Saturday, September 28th, with proceeds going to Keeping Abreast!

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