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Read how we’re raising spirits and donations for Breast Reconstruction Surgery through The Health Sciences Centre Foundation.


January 2011. The Survivors Club.
Jackie Stephen started a charity after surviving breast cancer. Read more...

July 20, 2010. The Winnipeg Free Press
Survivor Refuses to Let Breast Cancer Win

April 1, 2010. The Winnipeg Free Press
High School Course Enables Students to Give Back.

September 20, 2008. The Globe and Mail
The Gift: $167,000 and climbing. The Cause: Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre Foundation The Reason: To fund research and education for breast cancer reconstruction surgery. Read more...

June 4, 2008. The Winnipeg Free Press
Don't Ignore Tap on Shoulder - It could be warning, or gentle request for donation to cancer program.  Read more...


Best Health Magazine "BEST BREAKTHROUGHS" By Celia Milne. 
Canadian scientists are revolutionizing patient care and research knowledge - as these four exciting advances make abundantly clear... read more

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Check out the video at of Dr. Ed Buchel in the Operating Room demonstrating some of the surgical and patient monitoring equipment purchased by Keeping Abreast.

Thank you Glenn Tinley and Winnipeg Women Magazine!

River Park Flooring will be presenting their annual Breast Ever Flooring Sale on Saturday, September 28th, with proceeds going to Keeping Abreast!

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